K8042 question

I just put together a K8042 and hooked it up to a AC/DC inverter so I get 14amps coming into the unit. My question is how do I get the regulated power out? when I hook wires up to SK1 and SK2 I get nothing. Also I ordered the heat sink, is it possible to install the heat sink after the unit is installed? Can someone point me in the right direction. Thank You.

here is a link to some pictures:https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=8DE653BDFD84CC53!68542&authkey=!ADaX57ehAz0JUW4&ithint=folder%2C

It looks that you have connected the inverter to the OUTPUT instead of the INPUT of the K8042.
Hopefully this did not damage any of the parts.
Please check the manual.

are you saying that output is SK 3? if so I only have two wires to input SK 1 and SK 2 would I use the far left and far right and not use the two inside what I think are grounds. Pleas advise I hope I did not cook anything, but nothing got hot nor did I smell anything cooking.

This is a symmetric power supply.
If you only need a single supply, the K1823 would have been a better choice.

Anyway, if you look at page 11 of the K8042 manual, it shows you the diagram.
If you connect the ‘-’ of your inverter to the ‘0 input’ and the ‘+’ of the inverter to the ‘VA’, then you will get a positive adjustable voltage between GND and ‘+’ of SK3.

Using SK 1 I can adjust with RV 1 from 1.24 v to 11.78 v with my AC to DC invert er with the output rated at 13.8 VDC.

So it seems to be working correctly.

Yes I think so, but I am still not sure what is going on with SK 1 and SK 2. I am confused obviously, this is the first power unit I have ever built. I will only be using this with one unit to power at a time, So should I keep using SK 1 only, and what would I have to do to to get SK 2 to work?

The K8042 is a symmetric power supply, which means that it can handle both a positive and a negative supply voltage at the same time.
If you would connect the ‘+’ of a different power supply to the ‘0 input’ and the ‘-’ of this power supply to the ‘VB’, then you will also get a negative adjustable output voltage at the output.
You might want to Google for theory on symmetric power supplies.

Okay, I will thank you for all the info, but I think I am good to go for what I am doing. I am just looking for a power supply to power all the kits that I am building. I will consider this topic closed and completed.

Sorry, but why is there three terminal ports for output? If I intend to drive some Hi-power LED’s with this, which ports I would use to power them?