K8040 Controller Problem


I have a problem with one of my 2 K8040 amplifiers. After having had an error input (probably dc) it seems that I blew not only the fuse and R40 but also the TDA7293 of both amps. I replaced these parts and checked various resistors etc. After this repair one of my amplifiers works very well again, however the other one does not: It shows the clipping LED constantly on whenever I activate the amp (push the standby pin). Everything else semms to work fine - all LED that should light do so and the controller reacts to e.g. activiting the auto-power-on mode.

It seems that this error comes from the microcontroller (PIC), because I have installed the microcontroller of the “problem-amp” to the other amp I and I get the same error - using the other microcontrolle rit works fine… for this reason I think that either the microcontroller is damaged or it has some “error-memory” which needs to be erased after fixing the amplifier. Is there an error flag which needs to be reset? Or do I need a new microcontroller?

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Please return controller for inspection/exchange to:

Velleman Project Tech. Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere