K8038 dimmer

My name is Stef from Belgium. I bought the K8038 kit wich works perfect with 230v lamps.
Now i’ve bought some transformators for halogen lamps and there I have some issues. It’ s not possible to use the dimmer, fuse blows on transformator and kit goes in ‘protect’ mode.
I don’t use elektronic transformators, but types like this:
conrad.be/ce/nl/product/5759 … archDetail.
If these transformators are not the ones that fits with this kit, can you please advice me wich type I should buy? Or does I have the ‘phase’ control disabled? The power of these transfos match perfect with the power of the used halogen 12v lamps also, so that can not be the reason .
Thank you very much for your advice!

Dear sir,

Normally these transformers should work.
The total load power must approx equal to the transformer power (ex. don’t use a 200VA transformer with one 20W lamp).
The TRIAC in your K8038 could also be defective, maybe you can exhange this to test.