We have purchased three off your kits K8035.
We use the kits to time, events, either in minutes and seconds or hours and minutes.
We also have a need to run it as a normal clock in 12 hours, not 24 hours.
Is there anyone to convert its to a 12 hour clock?
Or do you know anyone that can help us re-program the EPROM to the following settings?
Clock mode
SW5 – 1off & 2 off = 12 hour clock
Timer mode
SW5 – 1on & 2 off hh/mm = 23h.59m Count up or down
SW5 – 1on & 2 on = mm/ss = 59m.59s Count up or down
SW5 – 3off normal debounce
SW5 – 3on long debounce
SW5 – 4off external pulse
SW5 – 4on internal pulse
Thanks Tom

12h-mode is not available on this unit.
Sorry, we are unable to perform modifications.