K8035 giving Error 5 and GOOD


I’m having a problem with K 8035 up/down counter. Device is giving me Error 5 and GOOD miscellaneously when turning the device on. If GOOD counter starts immediately to count up continuously. After resetting Error 5 the same thing. And if I thouch some metal for example resistor leg or some ground wire counter stops for a moment but starts to count up again. This is when 7, 8, 9 wires aren’t connected together.
If I connect 7, 8, 9 then device stays in zero but won’t let me count up when pushing up button. Only counting fast down when I keep on pushing down button. However when device is in SET mode counting up and down works well.

If you need to know something more just ask. There was a plenty of stuff to be explained.

Best regards Aki

This sounds like you have a bad solder joint somewhere.
Can you post clear pictures of the top and bottom?

Here is a link for the pictures!

The only thing I can see is you have a short (picture)
But I don’t think that is the problem.
The error code says that you have input A shorted during the boot up.
Make sure the wires are not touching when you power it on.
Also the jumper should have been mounted on the other side of the board.
Make sure they are not touching the traces

I found the reason why device wasn’t working! +5 wire path was broken. I don’t think that I have done that damage… But never know. I made a jump and now everything is fine! See the link!