K8031/PC100: Problems with PCS100D.dll

I am trying to use the PCS100D.dll to control the oscilloscope from within Delphi.
I downloaded the latest “PCS100_DLL_Delphi.zip” which contains both the dll and some Delphi example.

I have two remarks about the dll and the example:

  1. The voltage selection does not seem Ok. Apparently the dll seems to use other parameter values for the “Voltage” function than the PCS100 interface does and other values than those mentioned in the “PCS100D_DLL.pdf”.

So, the example (PCS100Run) reacts very odd to voltage selections.

The “correct” (as apparently used in the dll as far as I can see) are:
3V: 3 instead of 0
1V: 2 instead of 1
0,3V: 1 instead of 2
0,1V: 0 instead of 3
30mV: 5 instead of 4
10mV: 4 instead of 5

  1. The PCS100 user interface is shown right away when executing “Start_PCS100”. So it’s not awaiting “Show_PCS100(true)”. This is not according the user manual “PCS100D_DLL.pdf” and, what is much worse, the UI can not be used because of the previous problem.

Any ideas what is wrong?
Thanks in advance. :smiley:

Sorry, the DLL is not suitable for the K8031.
The Volt/div setting system of the PCS100 is totally different (as you noted).

Hi Vel255.
Thanks for your quick answer.
Is thare anonther DLL or DLL version that can be used together with the K8031/PCS100 and Delphi?
Thanks in advance. :smiley:

At the moment there is no DLL for the K8031. I think it has to be done anyhow…
You’ll get such a modified version of the DLL for testing… (ready by tomorrow).

[quote=“VEL255”]At the moment there is no DLL for the K8031. I think it has to be done anyhow…
You’ll get such a modified version of the DLL for testing… (ready by tomorrow).[/quote]Thanks!

Now you can download the PCS100 DLL package that works with the K8031:
vel255.diinoweb.com/files/PCS100 … Delphi.zip
Only the file PCS100E.EXE is updated.
All the DLL function names are same as in the PCS100 version.
The coupling GND is not applicable with the K8031.

Hope this version is OK…

Thanks VEL255 for the extreme fast response and solution.

The voltage selection using the DLL (with the new “PCS100E.EXE”) works fine now, with the emumeration values as defined in the manual. :smiley: Thanks!

One problem stays however: the spontaneous pop up of the PSC100 user interface after “Start_PCS100” (the interface itself works Ok now regarding voltage selection). But… In my case I do not want to use the built-in interface. Is there a possibility to show the interface only after the call to “Show_PCS100(true)”:?:
That would be very nice. It would give maximum flexibility when using the DLL for ones own purposes.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Now there is slightly modified version of the soft to download from:
vel255.diinoweb.com/files/PCS100 … Delphi.zip

User interface is not visible at the startup.

Excellent! All problems/remarks are solved.
Thanks very much for the very fast service! :smiley:

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