K8031, and k8016 no worky on my pc ( no hardware Detection)

Can anyone tell me why my kits k8031, and k8016 are not communicating to my pc. ( no hardware detected on both? I beleave its my cables to lpt1, with the correct address 0f 378 and bios set to ecp. What type of db25 cables from pc to units ? Most cables or for centronic db25/36 on other end wich will not connect to units ? Do I need an adapter or somthing Im doing wroung ? Please help Im beging to feel that i realy mesd up both kits on assembley. Thanks, Tim Help Help

Your BIOS setup is OK.
You need a “DB25 Male to Female 25 Conductor Straight Through Cable”.
Here a picture of such a cable: connectworld.net/cgi-bin/dataw/L2132
Please make sure that all the 25 contacts are wired “pin-to-pin”.

Your Velleman distributor would be a good place to look for such a cable.