K8028 - error code: 7 flashs

I have the following problem with a kit K8028.

Switch on: self-test is successful; green LED4 illuminates
programming is successfully: lights program number 3 - LED1 and LED2 illuminates
Start (press SW1): lamp flickers, LED5 illuminates, LED2 illuminates

After about ca 1 second
lamp illuminating not, LED1 blinks 7 times

necessary reboot by long pressing T1

please help me


edit: in programm 1 the 8028 doesn’t work to

Check when selftest is running, LED 4 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1 is illuminates.

7x flash -> TRIAC can not conduct, maybe load not correct (connected) or K8028 hardware problem.
Check TRIAC,R10,circuits with and arround T1 and T3.
test the kit with a normal 60W lamp first, if still.

If still fail -> return the kit via your dealer for repair.

I had swapped the diodes D3 and ZD2.

Now it runs.

Thank you very much

– problem solved –