K8023 - Minimum time of state in input


I wanted to know the minimum time between two changes of state of an entry for it is well reproduced at the output. What is the minimum duration of a pulse in input for a good return as output ?
I plan to use this kit to control the LED blinks in a airplane model kit.


A complete data transfer for all I/O is around 50mS max.

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To go further on the same subject, does this cycle of 50mS continuously repeat itself, such that i can be sure to have 20 full scans (of the 10 IO’s) per second ?

If I want to double the number of IO’s, is it OK to assume that I could use two kits and only 3 wires by wiring the two +VTX together ?
By the way, I couldn’t I use only one power regulation for both, at either side (one +10V regulator + 5.1 V for both receivers, and one 78L05 for both transmitters) ?

Thanks for your answer