K8023 behavior and K6714 power questions


So, I am wondering what the behavior of the K8023 is when it loses its serial I/O stream.

1)Do all of the outputs retain there current states on loss of data?
2)If they do, is the system stable when serial comm resumes, or does it “reset” before processing the resumed serial stream?
3)Do they revert do a default state (and what stats is that?)
4)Does anyone have any input on how stable and reliable the K8023 is with regard to data?
5)If I were to use the K8023 to power my own relays, what is the maximum current draw a) per channel and b)for all outputs simultaneously?

And as for the K6714…

  1. I am unclear as to what the resistive coil load/ current draw is for each relay. Can all 8 (or 16) relays be on at once for an extended period of time with regard to power supply size?



old post but might help others-
I tested the data loss problem and all outputs go off when data is lost and come back on in the state dependant on the controller switches at the time you restore data comms. hope this helps.

  1. outputs: 50V/100mA max per output. Total: 500mA max.

K6714 power supply is capable of feeding all 16 relays simultaniously.