K8020 Temperature Problem


during operation the casing of my K8020 pre-amp gets questionable warm. Without top enclosure I found the transformer being the reason for this. It’s so hot that you can’t even touch it. Is this normal behavior? Can someone confirm or disprove my observation?

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It is normal that the transformer gets quite hot.
If all voltages are correct, the unit is operating correctly.
Too hot to touch is kind of subjective.
Can you provide an exact temperature?

Voltages are ok (at least the 2 printed oh the pcb). The amp is working fine. Just wondering whether such temperatures are normal. I can’t provide an exact temperature. But lots of technical devices get hot during operation and mostly one gets a sense which temperature is ok and which is not. In this case I think it is a little bit high and there may be a problem with the device itself.

So the questions are:
a) Show other devices of this type the same high temperature development?
b) If there is really a problem with the unit what would be the best approach to track it down?

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Without an exact temperature we cannot tell if there is a problem.
60-65°C is quite normal for the transformer.