K8018B ne fonctionne pas avec l'alimentation


En USB, le PIC recoit bien la programmation et je la reprends bien.

Mais quand je l’alimente en 12V, rien ne se passe.

voici le lien pour accéder aux fichiers photos

Merci d’avance, belle journée

avec le 9 V, j’ai 3,48 sur la broche 20 du PIC, est-ce normal ?
et en sortie du LM317 j’ai 4,21V


In USB, the PIC receives the programming well and I resume it well.

But when I supply it with 12V, nothing happens.

here is the link to access the photos files

with the 9v supply i have 3.48 on pin 20 of the pic, is this normal?
and at the output of LM317 I have 4.21V

Hello Clomar,

Please keep in mind to post your problem in English in the future. So that other forum members can follow and help if necessary.

The photos via the specified link are not visible, link does not work.

If you connect 9V DC min. 300mA, you should normally have on CPU PIC pin nr 20 ==> 4.8 - 5V. Also on the output of LM317.

In this case, check all the polarized components and also all the LED’s and soldering points.

If it’s still not resolved after these checks, It’s best to return the K8018B back to the store where you bought it for an RMA request.

Best Regards,
Velleman Support


I’ve got the same problem as clomar, I can also only measure 3.50V on Pin 20 of the IC and 4,25V on the output Pin of LM317.
I checked all my resistors and diodes and the seem to be fine.
But additionally, I can’t connect the Board the the PC.

Do you have any idea what could be at fault here? That would help me alot! :slight_smile:

Also just to keep the forum tidy, I posted a thread with the same problem here:

Maybe they can be merged