K8018B kit 5 x 5 x 5 LEDs

Voltage regulator “15” VR1: LM317 issue

Mesured: 3.5 V output instead of 5V output after diodes
Power supply 9 V 400 mA
11V = measured after Diode D1 1N4007
Construction Manual page 8

The picture of the transistor is not matching the transistor supplied with the kit. ( the type LM317 does correspond = OK).
Wiring diagram: this diagram shows that the base of the transistor should be in the middle, however on the circuit board, the base is connected to the left side and not in the middle?

Please advise.

Dear Kamiel,

The illustration of voltage regulator has wrong type of housing. The LM317 is an TO220 and not TO92 (regular tranistor housing).

See picture below, for place the component VR1 in a correct way.

Velleman support team