K8018 Not working


We assembled the cube.
Tested the LEDs through the pins. All worked.
Installed the drivers according to directions.
When we hooked up the USB and the power, the red light came on and we were able to download the animation from the cube to the computer.
The animation works on the computer, but no LEDs light up.

Any thoughts on what we are missing?


Continued testing the cube.

All LEDs work when we put power to the LED and the plane line.

The ICs 2 and 3 have power and will flash a LED when the pins are touched.

There is no power on the LEDs and Plane pin connector.

Any suggestions?

Could you post some pictures of the top and bottom of the boards?

Here is the link to the photos.
Hope it works.

s1295.photobucket.com/user/mshsD … t=3&page=1

It’s hard to say because the picture is not so good.
It looks like the soldering could use some help.
I think I maybe seeing some shorts around the connector

We will check.


Checked all our connections. While the soldering isn’t perfect, everything appears to have connection and no bridges.

Started checking with a LED again.
We can get a flash on the LED through the IC’s 2 and 3.
Can even get a flash when we connect the column pins to the IC.

However, when we connect the plane pin to the columns, there is no flash.

Could the 5 transistors that connect to the plane pins be bad?

If so how do we test?


It could be the transistors but I would not think all of them went bad.
You should check for opens or shorts around the ICs very easy to do since they are so small.

Checked and touched up the solder connections on LED IC chips.

Using an LED we can get flashes when we touch the power in (pin 24) and the LED outs (pins 5 through 20)
We get flashes when we connect the IC to the test holes in the pcb.

When we connect pin 24 of the IC chips to the plane pins on the LED array we get the planes to flash.

However, none of the columns will light.

We have to be missing something real simple. (I hope)