K8015 - Help wanted please

Thanks to VEL417 and his advice I have now bought a K8015 kit
I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew right now. Can anyone show me a full colour photo of a completed kit so I can confirm the parts I have will be going in the correct order?

The diodes & resistors dont seem to be in the order of installation (as the instructions suggest). I would like to get it right, so any help would be really good. I have posted up a photo of the reisitors & diodes as the came in the kit.

Items 1 & 6 seem to be diodes, but the instructions suggest steps 1 & 2 are to install the diodes :confused: HELP

Items 1 to 6 are diodes.
Please check manual. It clearly shows how to identify diodes.
Wat is the exact problem ?

I would like to confirm which of the two diodes (1 & 6) are the diodes I should use in steps 1 & 2
I am assuming the first diode in the picture (with PHC5V1 written reound the outside) is the Zenner Diode to be used in step 2?

PHC5V1 is the 5V1 zener diode

Thank you VEL417 - Very helpful as always :slight_smile: