K8010 - Information about ZD043


currently I’m building two K8010 kits.
Is there any information or a datasheet about the ZD043 output transformer available?
I’d like to make some calculations, e.g. damping factor and feedback and it would be
very helpful, if you could supply me with some (any :slight_smile:) technical data.

Additionally I’ve measured the UNLOADED HV output voltage of the power transformer right
after the rectifier (before R73) and got 418V DC? Seems to be a bit too high regarding to the 395V DC
stated in the schematic…
Is the power transformer used in the K8010 the same as the one used in the K4040?
At least they seem to be identical from the appereance and from the schematics.
I’m asking, because in the K4040 an unloaded HV voltage of 415V DC is stated…

Best regards

 Jochen Hammer

Regarding the HV, there is less than 6% difference, which is OK.
K4040 uses a different transformer.
ZD043: little data available.
Primary: 2 x 1K, taps at 1/3