K8009 technical information

Please, someone can help me?
for a specific application i’m interested to know how kit K8009 shows the temperature and date on the six digits presents on the PCB.

In other words I find your kit very usefully for my integration project but I need an HDT (Hour, Date, Time) working on 4 digits, not six like K8009.

The questions are:
how k 8009 shows the date?
How shows the temperature?
Which digits are interested to shows the temperature: + , - or °C character?
Which digits are interested to shows month and year?

A good solution for my application doesn’t need the 5th and 6th digit of display (I mean the clock second digits). I would like to use k8009, no other 4 kit digit.

I hope your answer coming soon.
Thank you very much, best regards

date: dd mm yy

temp: … dd °C