K8007 failure

Hello there,
I’am using for a several years the domotica system with the 8007 dimmers.
So now and then a dimmer will fail,I’ve got allready 5 of these defective dimmers.
The problem is,when I push the button to activate the dimmer the light goes on for 100% and immideatly went off.
When I press the button continiuasly for the dim function,the light is on and off repeatly as long the button is pushed.
I hope you can tell me wich part is malfunction so I can repair my 8007 prints.(I have replaced the IC and triac,does’t work).
Tanks in advanced.

What load are you using?
Are you using the K8006 board aswell?

Hello VEL 417,
I’am using the K8006,and the load is ohms(only lightbulbs and halogeen 230v).

Did you replace the IC with the exact same type?
This is almost not possible, as the IC has been obsolete for many years.

I’am not sure about the same ic,most likely I swop them from a good working k8007 pcb.
The problem occur (very seldom ofcourse) when the power fails or power down by switching the power.
Now I have found one defect k8007 that functions as follows,toggle the switch, same fault as described before,but this one will dim when the switch is hold and then function normal,while the other defect pcb’s will not pick-up the dim signal and only gives 100% output and then off,
and that seems to be the problem,picking-up the dim signal after a powerfail.

Dear Sir,

At this time, we have no experience with the problem you describe, hence we cannot propose a solution.
We can offer inspection/repair, if you return your modules to:

Velleman Projects Tech. Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

Please include a detailed fault description.

Did you find a solution for this problem?
I’m having the exact same problem with 2 K8007 boards on a K8006 system.



I do have the same problems with all my 7 dimmer modules. I suspect the IC SLB0587. What would be the replacement for this IC. At this moment I replaced the modules with the relais module K8008. But I would still like to be able to switch back to the dimmer modules.