K80055n, resistor sizes

This is my first post on the forum, so hello to all.

k8055n is my first kit and after doing a inventory check, I found that I was missing one 680 resistor. No big deal , since then ordered some from RS radionics, unfortunately I ordered 680ohm 1 watt.
My question is there any difference between using 1 watt and what I believe to be 1/4 watt as per kit apart from size ?

thanks in advance,

There is no problem to use 1 watt resistor.

Reading from the internet , I thought so, but as an electrician, ( dealing with bigger stuff ) my concern was with amp usage. Good to have that clarified.
Buying off the internet looking at images rather than reading the detail lead me astray, anyway decided to get 1/4 watt just to keep things tidy, cheap and next day delivery.
Another day won’t matter as I found my 30w soldering iron isn’t up to the job and I’ll have to wait to get access to something stronger.
My long term project for k8055n is to use it for automatic roll off roof on my observatory. Well … that’s the plan.

thanks vel255

OK. No problem. I wish you success in your project!