K8005 without K8000


I want to control my K8005 without the K8000. I saw it uses the I2C protocol, now i want to write my own project in vb6.0 using the COM control.

It’s possible to do it, but i’m looking for the instruction set(s) to controlling the K8005. Where can i find it?


I’m sorry, but the Velleman team can not help with a custom design. The I2C protocol is standard transmitted via the prrinter port and the buffer (interface) is located at the K8000 card.

We have very limited info regarding the I2C protocol used with the K8005. I have forwarded it to your email address. As VEL456 mentioned, we cannot further assist with this matter.

Thank you very much 417

“Controlling my K8055 online! without .dll :slight_smile: if server is online => K8055 Online!”

Amazing! Spooky!

Thanks for sharing!

What server code are you running @ 9300 on that host?

How do you communicate with the K8055 sans .dll? Have you
reverse-engineered the HID interface?

I don’t think this is the proper way or place to communicate. plz add me to your msn if you want : pigolleke@hotmail.com

Is it possible to get the same information that You send to Pigollete.
I would like to send the I2C command directly from a Arduino.
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This is requing again,
I managed to control the stepper motor directly by taking the PIC out and command the PIC outputs directly from the Arduino. It works fine