K8004 supply voltage question

My circuit requires the option of of using a 20VDC or at times a 12VDC source as the supply voltage to the K8004. Assuming nothing changes with respect to the control voltage into the PWM, what effect will this have on the output of the PWM. Using the 20 VDC source the output maximum voltage is limited to 5.75VDC due to limitations of the load. The max current the load can handle is 2.8A. When I revert to 12 VDC what effect if any will this have on the output to the load.

Careful: input voltage must never exceed control voltage.

I need to be clear on your definition of control voltage and input voltage. J1 input comes from another cct that utilizes an LM35 temp sensor and is amplified and sent onto the PWM. The input(supply) voltage to the PWM(the outboard connections at J2 and J3) will be either 12VDC or 20 VDC. The output to the load will be min .75 VDC or max 5.75 VDC. Is this going to be a problem??

I’m sorry, but we have difficulties understanding your hook-up.
Anyway, if the control voltage does not exceed the supply voltage, there is no problem.