K8004 puzzled with diagram

I’m diagram from manufacturer PDF file. The areas I do not understand are in red circle.

Also on this site here Circuit Specialists Inc. - DC TO PULSE WIDTH MODULATOR (K8004)
They have part list too.
And they changed the T2 tranzistor from BUK9535-55 to

T2 BUK555’60B LOGIC LEVEL MOSFET 60V (I can order this is it correct and will work as expected?)

It also seems that I can’t get the T1 BC547B SI-NPN 50V-0.2A but instead I can get the BC546B. The pdf (http://www.datasheetcatalog.org/datasheet2/d/0kq9ua20u27ka13c66efh960khpy.pdf) lists them as the same part???

Lines are connected.
BUK555’60B will probably work too, but is old and obsolete.
BC546 will work.

Thanks, for reply. Are you sure those connections should be made, one would expect a “dot” to show that.

Are you sure BUK555’60B will work?

I can order my part parts from:
Farnell LT | pasaulyje lyderiaujantis elektronikos ir technin?s prie?i?ros, remonto ir valdymo produkt? platintojas.

Could you help my find better compatible mosfet? They do not list BUK9535-55

I am sure they should be connected (you can measure this on the board), however, as I’ve said, BUK555 will probably work. It is up to you to give it a try…

I installed BUK555 and connected low power 5w halogen lamp. Everything works except I can’t adjust the output brightness. The voltage changes between GND and IN ports when I turn the 1K ohm POT but output voltage on LOAD ports does not change.

Tried to adjust RV1,2,3 no change. Is there some reference point I could check in this situation to find a faulty part etc. I connected everything like in diagram on PDF.

Check if mosfet gate receives PWM.
If not, check assembly (solderings, values, part orientation, etc…)