K8001 compiler problem

It appeared that the compiler belonging to the k8001 individual programming module doesn’t work very well. The examples (with .src extension) are not properly converted to .hex files, in spite of a confirmation from the computer. This .hex files are nearly empty. Instead of that, .lst files with a complete listing are created and with a message that there are no misstakes. Of course, when programming the k8001/k8000-combination with the .hex files it goes wrong.
I installed the original software on floppy at the computer using windows 3.11. Using the software on the website from Velleman doesn’t make any difference. Windows XP doesn’t work either.
Who has also experienced this problem and how to solve this?

No we haven’t experience with this problem (this kit is already some time obsolete).
Try it first on another PC, maybe this will help…

With the windows XP version of the k8001 it is possible to view the .hex files. They were not empty.

  1. I’m 100% sure that the software can’t work under Windows XP (Borland - Windows I/O conflict).

  2. The original software was made with Borland Pascal, begin 90’s.
    So, if the used PC or OS having problems with running Borland software, it will not work.
    Also using a PC with a faster CPU than Pentium 1 may be give a bad result.

  3. What we can offer: you can always send the kit to us for testing/repair, so you are sure that the kit is OK or not.
    (We can still test this kit with an old PC).

I used the k8001 compiler from DEV concept. For so far I only used the examples belonging to this compiler such as runlight. Also other simple commands from the instruction set belonging to the k8001 work under windows XP.
I didn’t use Pascal or C yet.

This forum is only for Velleman products, how can we help with software made by someone else ?
We doesn’t know this compiler, sorry.

To avoid misunderstandings: I used this topics because I assumed I had both a communication problem between K8000 and k8001 and a compiler problem. I found a alternative compiler from DEV concept with the possibility to read the .hex-files. This made the existance of the compiler problem unlikely. The communication problem was solved then by using individually shielded cables between k8000 and k8001. I don’t have a problem with this combination anymore, as far as I know.
Another advantage of DEV-concept is, that it works with windows XP, at least with the simple commands I used.

Hardware access has become stricter starting with Windows XP. Before Windows XP it was possible to manipulate the parallel and serial port by writing data to a specific hardware address.