K8000 vb test source : k8d.dll is not a stand-alone program

I just downloaded the k8000_vb_test_source.zip and connected up the K8000 board.

When starting the program in VB an error appears and communication with the card does not start. The error is :

This is the I/O routone for the K8000 card. This is not a standalone program.

What can this be ?

The precompiled test program runs just fine and shows that the board is working properly.

Thanks in advance,

I just copied the dll’s to windows\system32, overwriting ones that were placed there already by the k8000_vb_install.zip.
(One was one week younger that the file being replaced).

Now the VB program works…




I just came back after a break of an hour to my pc and now the VB program again does not work.
The card has been powered down.

I stopped/started VB a few times, tried the compiled exe and then the vb program did work again.

It almost seems that after starting VB and running the program, the compiled exe must be run once to get eveying started properly.


Both the K8D.dll and K8E.exe are needed to communicate with the K8000 hardware. The error message “This is the I/O routine for the K8000 card. This is not a stand-alone program.” is sent from the K8E.exe if this program is tried to run as stand-alone.
Do you have K8E.exe in your application folder? If still problems copy it also to windows\system32 folder.