K8000 communication

I am having BIG problems communicating with the K8000.

I first ran the K8005 Diagnosic Test program, but it didn’t work. ‘Your K8005 is not good connected or is not functioning well!’.

Then I tried running Diagnostic Test K8000. I set the LPT port address to 378 and it works fine. I can do the Output Test, Set All, Clear All etc and the LEDs light up as expected.

Next I tried running the example code. I tried changing SelectI2CprinterPort to 0, 1 and 2 in the subroutine*, but in all of these cases the program gets stuck at speed testing. It counts to beyond 32000 and there is absolutely no activity on SDA or SCL. I’ve left it running over the weekend and nothing much happens.

SelectI2CPrinterPort 1

Oh yes, and I’m using QuickBASIC :oops:

Please can you help? We want to use it to control four stepper motors K8005. I’ve spent days on this and I’m on the verge of giving up :slight_smile:



I think there is a fault in the K8000 hardware or a bug in the software that’s supplied. Has anyone else ever managed to get one of these devices to work?

No bugs, no hardware problems.
Trying to control the parallel port from Qbasic under XP is most likely the cause of troubles. If you insist on using Qbasic, stick to DOS, Win 95 or 98.