K7203 with 5015: problem

I have build the power supply kit K7203 with the suggested Velleman transformer 5015.
After building and checking the solder I connected it to the mains and the fuse blows.
I rechecked everything for shorts, bad soldering and/or bad wiring but still the fuse blows.

I am stuck!
It is still under warranty, would sending it to Velleman be a solution?

Here 2 pictures to show my handywork:

Could you post clear pictures of the top and bottom of the board?
Maybe someone will see something.

Thank you for your reply, I edited my post and hope the pictures are clear enough

additional question:

When testing the power supply, does it need a load connected to the output (like a voltmeter)?
I tested the power supply with no load.

Solution found, there HAS TO BE A LOAD CONNECTED to the power supply, it is working properly now.
Strange mistake of Velleman that they do not mention this in the manual? Yes, they do mention to connect a voltmeter to the output in order to set the correct voltage but NOT that it it is important that there is always something connected.

I hope Velleman will put this info in the new manual!

Glad to hear you have it sorted out.