K7203 tweaking?


I am intenting to drive ten 10W power leds on 10V, I bought one K7203 and realized it would be suitable only for three of these LEDs, since their 1050mA, K7203 has max output 3A. I have ordered another K7203, but atleast eight LEDs I need to drive…

My question is that is that, has anyone tried modding this transformer to increase the max output, maybe by replacing the darlington transistor or some other components? Any ideas are welcome! :slight_smile:

Hi this is possible by changing R6 to a 0.10ohm/5W resistor.

This should give 6A if you have 2 K7203’s that will be a total of 12A

But make sure to add a fan to the heatsink so the transistor will be actively cooled.

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Okay thx. I have another question, how do I wire two of these to produce 48V to 48->24V Transformer? Here is another forum thread about this subject: forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threa … 628/page-2