K7103 kit

I there ,

I just buy the digital storage pc oscilloscope from a local shop here .
But i found out when i am looking for more support that this must be a old kit .

I also see that your new kit would be better then this one that i just build togetter.

I would like to knowe how old the K7103 kit is .
because i made a lot off time in this kit and would not like to knowe that the new kit would be better and that i buy a old kit.

Also i would like to knowe if the extra channel kit is available


This kit was designed in 1995.
It has been obsolete for a while.
The specifications are the same as the K8031
The second channel is no longer available.
You can download WinDSOFG32 from our website, it is still compatible with the K7103

Thats really old . Dont like it that a shop sales this old product :frowning: .

I spent a lot off time in this project and really need a 2 channel and also want

I went back to the shop to ask why they sale such old product and they could not explane why .
They also wil contact Velleman to ask why this could happen .


We understand that you are frustrated, but please consider:

  1. If this item was new and packed in the original packaging, the store can sell it without a problem. I’m not saying it is good customer service, but they are allowed to sell it.

  2. Velleman cannot take responsability for people that sell our products.

  3. It is up to the customer to inform himself. There are catalogues, internet, you can call us before you buy, …

I think its easy to say that the customers must look good before they buy .
The shop must give good support to the customer , and Velleman to the shop.
The store says that they just got this product from Velleman and never know that this is a very old product .

When you want to sale your old products you must say this to the customer and then i know what i buy and i also know that there is only one channel.

Aslo the story thinks its a new product . I must say give better support to your dealers/shops .

And yes , its very frustrated when you build this part and know its old
And i hope that the shop will do something , but the only thing i get to know is that they move the problem to Velleman .