K6714-16 Noise Suppression Instructions - Error?

I have 6 of the K6714-16 relay boards and am installing the Noise Suppression components as shown on page 8 of the English language manual. I have looked at the directions and at the traces on the board. It appears that the 2nd line of each component placement list is mis-matched. For example:
First mount the resistors to noise-suppress the normally open contact of the relay
R19, R21, R23, R25, R27, R29, R31, R33 : 220ohm/.5watt
R34, R36, R38, R40, R42, R44, R46, R48 : 220ohm/.5watt
The first line appears to be correct but I believe that the second line should read:
R35, R37, R39, R41, R43, R45, R47, R49 : 220ohm/.5watt
This is true of both the printed manual and the online version. There is a similar swap in the locations for the normally closed contacts.
The even numbered locations connect to the NC contact.
Can anyone confirm this?

Velleman confirmed that this is an error in the manual.

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