K6501 Telephone Remote

Yesterday i’ve installed the K6501.

When i call the number the k6501 pick’s up and i hear the 4 tones. That’s okay.

But when i give the code and the code to switch on. There is notting happen! I only hear a little short tone. [3 or 4 times] What does this mean?

Can i give the code directly without waiting between the thirst 2 numbers and the second 2 numbers?

Can you help me out?

Please test the output’s first manually. (Push button).
If this doesn’t work, there could be some hardware problem, otherwise please check again the manual, how to operate.

Manually works perfect!

And I checkt the manual… but I can’t find anything about the little short tone! :?

Is it normal that i hear that sound? [the little beeps?]