K6501 and VDSL2+

Is the K6501 kit compatible with an VDSL2+ telephone line ( Outgoing Modem SAGEM Fast 3464 SCARLET-One) ?

  • After 8 rings the remote control answer (OK :red “on line” led flash)

  • I hear the 4 tone status : OK

  • But when i trying to send a dtmf code (6600 for exemple to hear 4 status again) nothing pass!!!

  • If i send code 6621, relay2 doesn’t operate ! (but whith ‘manual’ commande : OK after 2 fast press contact)

I only hear a séquence of “Tik” in my GSM… (every 3 sec) and after 30 sec. the kit disconnect the line…

First test:
Relay RY1 is active, transfo 600/600 is OK
but Q1 to Q4 (pins 11 to 14 of décoder IC2) no change status !!!
IC2 is a HT 9170B: OK for compatibility but his datasheet add (normaly) 2 condenser 20 pF whith the quartz…

Note ) I don’t speak english, but i’m not a begginer (techn.télécom NMBS : no problème for assembly the kit).

Thanks for the help

Kit has been designed for PSTN line.
We have no experience with VDSL2+
Please check with normal telephone line.

OK, next week, i try this kit at my office…
(and control quartz with oscillo)