K6001 temperature sensor kit

I recently found a K6001 temperature sensor kit at a local hamfest for $1 so I couldn’t pass it up. While all of the documentation is there on how to build it, I am surprised by the lack of information on how to use it, other than to connect it to the K6000 kit. Is there any info available on how to interface to this kit in general, so that maybe I might could use it with an MSP430? I hate to see a good kit go unused!


Basically it was intended to be used as sensor for the K6000, not as a universal sensor, so there is little info available.
If I’m not mistaken, the PWM duty cycle changes with temperature and the specs indicate the amount of µ-seconds per degree, so this info should allow you to interface it to a microcontroller.

Cool. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks :slight_smile: