K5600 help

hi all, i’m new to the forums and am not sure whether i’m posting in the right section so please bare with me.

i’m a little concerned about the direction in which the signal/power diodes must go.

which way does the cathode side of the diodes face when inserted and looked at from the component side. and also, will it be much trouble if i could be supplied with a clear black/white scan of the track-side? this is needed in order to re-create the pcb to meet HSC assessment outcomes.

any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Diode ring must correspond with thick white marking on component side.
Sorry, for copyright reasons we never supply track lay-outs.

Yes i thought that was the case, the signal diode’s white mark was visible but very hard to distinguish between the two sides, so i thought i should double check it with a professional just to make sure, thank you.