K4700 speaker protection kit PCB tab missing

I’m currently soldering this audio kit (K4700 speaker protection kit).
I’ve reached step 8. PCB tabs. and one is missing. Found only 9 in the kit but there are 10 PCB holes.
Think that the explanation is in the manual … only one checkbox for MAINS (N-L) 1 checkbox but 2 PCB tabs needed.
Not a big deal since a simple wire could do the job as well but it should be mentionned to complete this kit.

This is my second velleman’s kit and i greatly appreciate the understandable explanations, the tidy PCB and the components in order.
Tried other kits from other brands and some of them were a big mess.
So thanks for this quality.

(sorry if i made mistakes, i’m french)

Oh and one question about the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical power supply.
symmetrical means 2 transformers in the amplifier and asymmetrical means one ?

I’ve build this kit twice already and no pins were missing…

Symmetrical means output stage is powered with a symmetrical power supply (e.g. +56 and -56 Volts), while asymmetrical means powered by an asymmetrical power supply (in the example: +56 Volts). Asymmetrical power stages mostly have a big output elco.

Thanks for your quick anser.

So maybe i lost one pcb pin.
Quite surprising cause i work on a big clear table to avoid any loss, but that’s a possiblility.

I was far from the right explanation with the power supply … i think mine is symmetrical then, no elco. Will check this with a multimeter.

It’s a power amplifier Continental Edison A 9913

If you provide an address, we can mail some spare tabs.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

How can I acquire about 80 PCB tabs for some Velleman kits that I recently acquired?

If it is this one:
You go to your nearest Velleman dealer and order them.