K4306 VU meter?

Is the K4306 a true ‘Volume Unit’ type meter? Are the meter ballistic characteristics actually conforming to the rise and fall times (attack and decay) of a true VU meter (which is a needle analogue device) or is this name just your description of an audio meter?

If I connect it to an audio source will the meter actually show me the peaks which a true VU meter does not?

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Old Dog

Hereby a link to the datasheet of the applied IC.
This will allow you to judge if this kit is suited for your application.

Thank you for your reply.

The LM3916 datasheet shows the module can be used to drive "average OR peak level indicators".

I can’t discover from the datasheet which indication is displayed by your circuit. The VU meter is an averaging type and digital meters are usually peak reading. hence my confusion when a digital LED bar meter is described as ‘VU’.

Are you able to comment further?

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Old Dog

Hereby a link to the manual of the kit.
On page 15 you can find the diagram.

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