K4301 / WSAH4301 : Pink / White noise

Something is not clear for me.
I would like to build one pink noise generator, and one white generator.
For that, I will buy two kits, but I do not know which components must be installed or left out for each version.
The schematics (with some components “dotted”) and the explanation in the assemby manual (to leave some components out) seems to be different…

Could someone list what I should install or leave out for each version (pink or white) ?

Thanks !

No one ?
To be more precise:

  • on the schematics, the photo and the list of components to mount, some R and C are omitted. Why is this ? What if I mount them, and what are their foreseen values ?
  • The text says to omit C4 to C9 to obtain White Noise.

Is it then correct to assume that to obtain:

  • Pink Noise, I mount C5, C6 and C7 (and their associated resistances, but NOT C2
  • White Noise, I do not mount C4 to C9 (nor their associated resistances), but I install C2=100 pF

Finally, does the value of C2 have any relation to the frequency set by C1 ? In other words, may I change the center frequency with C1 without changing C2 ?

A lot of questions, huh … :blush: