K4048, Cannot program

I am having difficulty getting a demo1 program into the supplied 627 chip.
The K4048 was ready built. I’m running Vista HP. PSU is delivering 15V
and I’m connecting using the supplied lead and a USB adapter. Yes, Maplin state they do work with this kit. The MPASMWIN compiles the code although complains about Bank addressing. The Progpic2 program erases the chip but fails to load the code. The status box states Contr_adr: 0000 then fails with Write Error at 0000, Wrote 2815, Read 3DFB.
If I choose to Write data only then the status box confirms success and also verifies OK.
I would be grateful if anyone could shed any light on why, I’m already grey haired.

Perhaps I should have said K8048 as the kit :oops:

[quote]I’m connecting using the supplied lead and a USB adapter.[/quote]This is most probably the problem: the serial cable of the kit should be connected to a real rs232 port, not to an “USB” one. :cry:

Yes I know. It’s just that I bought this kit from Maplin and their FAQ specifically stated that this kit would work with a USB adaptor. I complained to them and they have now removed the offending FAQ. I have purchased a serial card for the desktop now.



k8084 dosnt work with vista try win xp
it should work
Good luck

I think Velleman ought to put the hardware requirements on the kit box. The K4048 won’t work well other than with Windows XP (Don’t know about Linux etc.) and also needs a ‘True’ RS232 COM port. Most modern computers and laptops that have a COM port are emulated and this doesn’t work. Install Windows XP on a Pentium 2 or 3 motherboard and the PIC Programmer works like a charm.
Maplin do not advise of this either, basically because their staff are better at breaking things before selling them and few have little electronic knowledge. At least in the stores I have visited anyway.

I know I am a newb at this but in the instructions it says only to connect 6 wires in the COM lead.
I wasn’t able to get it to work at all so I thought I would connect them all, following the same pattern.
And now it works fine!