K4040 Resistor R104 and R96 burned out

The above mentioned resisterd replaced as well as the fuse. When I plug in the mains (with main switch in off position) LD1 is blinking. That is not what I expect, it should light stedily.
Is this blinking a warning or what is going wrong.

This is not a warning.
Most likely there is a problem in the turn-on/off delay circuit.

This reply adresses the Velleman support.
I sent the PCB on March 3rd to Velleman repair center and I did not receive any reply since then. Could you please give me an update on the repair status.
Thanks in advance.

Repair dept. informed us that they are currently working on your item.
K4040 repair usually takes longer than the avarage kit due to complexity, required testing and burn-in time.
If there are no further issues, it will leave the repair dept. at the end of this week.

Many thanks for the reply!!!