K4040 burnout R 101 valve 6

After aprox 5 years, ± 4hours use/week R101 is burned, after a short intensiv noisy failure, take with him a couple other components, what can be the reason? My wife is afraid and lost confidence in the k4040.

Difficult to say.
As opposed to semiconductors, tubes do not have an eternal life and if they go, they go without warning and usually it can be quite spectacular.
Due to the nature of tube circuits (high voltage, heat, etc…) one should never leave a tube amp unattended.
When this happens, we usually replace the tube and surrounding components.
It is important that the tube bias is checked at least once a month, to make sure it has not shifted.
Also, it does not hurt to inspect the complete amp on a regular basis, to spot parts that show wear, damage, corrosion or other problems.

If you are unable to fix the amp, then we can service it, but keep in mind that it gets easily damaged during shipping, so make sure it is extremely well packed, make sure you have it insured and please keep in mind that we cannot accept liability for any damage that might occur during shipping. Returning it to your Velleman distributor is another option.