K4005b - TDA7250

Recently I started up the K4005b but within one minute all music was gone and only a deep tone could be heard. I shut of the K4005b and restarted it. The deep tone was still there and the third transistor started smoking. I removed the transistor and started the K4005b. Nothing else started to smoke but the TDA7250 was extremely hot.

Does anyone have an idea how this might have happened? I recently put the K4005b in a new case and the TL072 came loose which gave me some problems in the beginning. Could an unbalanced circuit without the TL072 have caused damage which eventually showed up a couple of days later?

I’m thinking of replacing the TDA7250 along with the transistor. The only problem is that the TDA7250 is obsolete. Does anyone have an idea for a good replacement?

Thank you

There are no known replacements for this item.
We suggest you return the amp for inspection/repair.
Please return it to your distributor or to:

Velleman Tech. Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere