K3505 Headlight Alarm with 24V on-board voltage

I would like to use the K3505 Headlight Alarm in a car with 24V on-board voltage.

I was thinking about putting voltage regulators (kind of L7812) in front of the inputs L and C.
Would this work?

Or is it possible to simply replace some of the resistors with other values?

I’m not an expert in electronics, but as far as I see the ICs operate with an input voltage of up to 20V.
So maybe none of the resistors is responsible for voltage regulation?
In turn, does that mean I wouldn’t have to go down to 12V in my first approach? With 15V or 18V it would be easier to keep the voltage regulators cool.

Thanks in advance for your help.

This has not been tried or tested, but:

A 12VDC regulator upstream of +V and two resistor dividers for C & L (say 10K) could most likely do the job.

Thank you, I’ll give it a try.
First of all I need to purchase the kit, which is not so easy in Germany…