K3502 - Few important questions about it!

Hello. I have bought K3502 Parking Radar / Sensor and connected every component and element properly, it’s working very fine with me. I have some few really important questions, because this work is for final graduation in high school, and I hope you will answer it.

  • I didn’t get any informations via net about BUZZER “BUZ1” - on which voltage operates it? 12V?

  • About Trim Potenciometer “RV1: 470K” - I have connected it on board, but didn’t really get what is that Trimmer excatly doing, what is it job? I have turned it on left and right side but nothing changed, it’s always same…?

  • This one is last question - So If I’m bringing closer some object to Sensors, Buzzer always sounds same loud, no louder?

I appreciate your responses, best regards!

Here you can find available info on transducer:

Trimmer adjusts detection distance.

Signal is digital, on or off, no variable loudness.

Hello again. In my written work I must attach 2 very important pictures. Pictures of printed lines of both boards.

(For expample if you don’t know what I meant on - adria.fesb.hr/~mmarinov/seminars … age007.jpg ), but for my K3502 kit.

I soldered every element on PCB’s so it’s too late for scanning boards, I tried but it’s very bad quality.

I wonder, can you send me by e-mail or upload here in this topic those 2 pictures?

My mail is: perhan00@net.hr

Thankful, best regards!

For copyright reasons we never release PCB component and solderside layouts.