Wat is de maximale afstand tussen de elektroden/Sensoren daar we 2,5m diep moeten gaan. Op uw printje is dat maar 2mm. Deze 2mm is te klein, wij zullen echter lange staven van 2,5 m gebruiken dus 2mm volstaat niet.
Kan deze meting voor de 2 niveaus niet gebeuren met 3 elektrodesondes ipv met 4?

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Here is the English version:
What is the maximum, allowed distance between the electrodes/sensors because we need sensors of 2,5m deep. On your print board, the distance is only 2mm, which won’t be enough for 2,5m sensors-bars. So, therefore my question.
Another question: Can’t the measurement for two liquid levels be done by three electrode/sensors instead of four ?
Thanks for your reaction.

Theoretically, it could work with 3 wires if you put C5 & C6 close to the sensors.
There is no real maximum distance, it all depends on the circumstances, application, etc…
Experimenting will reveal what’s best.