K2639 to control the water level in a swimming pool

I am assembling the kit to control the water level in a swimming pool.
Two questions :
1°)the water in the pool is salted at 4%. Do I have to use stainless steel wire for S1 and S2? If yes ,what diameter wire is recommended.
2°) For obvious security reasons I want to use an electrovane to admit additionnal water in the pool that is NC ( normally closed). But the K2639 switches the relay “off” when the water level is LOW , and I needl the contrary.
Thanks for your answer

Best to use stainless steel.
Diameter not important.
Regarding the ‘inverted’ opertion, this is not selectable on this kit.
You might try this (untested) mod:
Remove R20. Replace T1 with BC557B

Thank you for your reply. I will try the proposed modification and keep you posted with the result.

Does Velleman have a kit for the water level control of a swimming pool ?

No such kit