K2639 - maximum distance between sensor and PCB

I wanna use this kit to know how full is my rainwater collector.

The intention is to put the sensor in the rainwater collector (of course), and the printed circuit board in my home.
But, this distance is about 20 meters.

Will this work? For example when using a CAT5 ethernet cable?

This could work, however we cannot guarantee it will.
It all depends on the capacity of the cable. Make sure the capacity is as low as possible. Do not use adjacent pairs.
Twisted-pair cable has a higher capacity than standard cable, because there is more contact surface between the conductors. If possible, run a GND conductor between the two sensor wires, to reduce the capacity.

Thanks for the quick reply.
But, it is not yet fully clear to me.

A CAT5 ethernet cable consists of 4 twisted pairs, so 8 conductors in total.
With this kit I have to connect 2 sensors (S1 and S2) with the PCB, in total 4 wires.

So, what do you think is the best solution:

  • the two wires for S1 on one twisted pair, and the two wires for S2 on another twisted pair, and the 4 remaining wires on the ground.
  • or, for every twisted pair, one conductor on the ground and one conductor using for the connection between sensor and PCB.
  • or …