K2636 doesn't seem to work properly

Hi guys,

My first posting here, due to my first Velleman project. Glad I found you!

The situation: I have build a K2636 motor controller because I want to control the speed of
a 230 v table fan. I am no electrican, I know how to solder small things, I have the guts to at least try…

I put power from mains socket on the appropriate terminals, (Mains & VAC), put the fan’s powercable to terminal Load Out), plugged in the powerplug and then: nothing. No led light, no smoke. no sparks, no funny smells. And, no matter how I turn the potmeters, no more than 10 - 15 V on the Load Out. That does not make the fan spin!

Obviosusly I have done something wrong. If I only knew what…