tried to install the wiper delay kit. before linking it to the wipermotor i wanted to test it directly on the battery. When connected, the IC exploded. What did i do wrong?

Most likely an assembly or wiring problem is at the cause of troubles.
Check your assembly carefully.
Make sure parts are correctly inserted.
Check wiring. Observe polarity.

i put in a new ic555 and the print works perfect now. But a new problem occurred: after installing it in the circuit of the wipermotor it all works, but everytime the relais click the wipers only move 10 cm or so (and do not return in parking zone). It seems like i bypassed switch P (the takeover-contact) for the parking zone of the wiperblades. what should i do?

You’ve already answered your question: check your wiring :slight_smile:
I’m sorry, but all cars, motors and wiring is different, so we cannot give a ‘general’ answer.

I did check my wiring and found that lead 31B (green) gives the problem. But i don’t know the right way to connect this lead. I fitted it in different ways on contact D, E and F. Result 1: i lose the parking zone and wiper blades move only few cm.
Result 2: i get 1 full stroke of the wiperblades which return in parking zone and the next interval the relais turns into a buzzer.

The k2599-manual describes exact the wiring in my car: 5 leads:

53A black
53B yellow/green
31B green
53 green/black
31 brown

I tapped lead 53A in contact C;
and lead 53 in A.
But 31B is a mystery to me. Probably i’m completely stupid, but i think i tried all combinations.

Is there someone who knows how to plug this 31 B lead?