K2599 screen wiper robot


  1. I have just purchased a K2599 through Maplin in the UK.
    When I tried it after assembling the 5 seconds position ( 3rd extreme right ) works perfectly but neither the 1st one: 15 seconds nor the 2nd one : 10 seconds. Both start like the 3rd one: click, then the led, then nothing ! Maplin tell me that you have already been facing this problem.
    Can you help me please. Thank you very much.
  2. The instructions provided with the kit explain how to use it with a “modern” car. My car is a classic car, and the screen wiper is very basic: on or off !!! Which way should I connect the K2599?
    Thanks again

Regardless of what Maplin claims, we are afraid that we do not have any experience with this problem. This kit has been on the market unchanged for over 20 years without any problems. A stunning 90% of all returned kits feature assembly problems. Please check your assembly carefully.
If you cannot find the cause of troubles, you can return your kit for inspection.
Regarding the wiring: every car or make is different, so we are afraid we cannot assist with this matter. Try locating the wiring diagram of your car or check with your local repair shop.

Thank you very much for your quick answer.
I am going to check it all over again, but if I cannot find anything wrong I think I will have to send it back, as you suggest. Which way should I proceed ? Shall I send it to you directly and if yes to which address ?
Thanks for your time

You can return your kit to:

Velleman Kit Tech Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

last week I sent you back K2599 so that you could fix it or replace it. Have you received it and when do you think I will have back ? Thanks for your time and your answer. Regards. G.P.

The pupose of this forum is to supply technical information.
For all other information, please contact the appropriate dept.
(as a one time courtesy: you kit has been fixed. You will receive an invoice soon).

Sorry, I did not know where else to ask. Thank you very much for your courtesy and your time.