K2543 works but R5, R6 & R7 are very(!) hot

It looks that the mounted kit works well i.e. car bulb 12V/10W connected between +12V and wire “3” lights when wire “2” is grounded. When the wire “2” is disconnected from the ground the bulb goes off.
The kit takes 0,3A and the bulb takes additional 0,7A. However resistor R5,R6 & R7 are always very hot (>60oC). Such temperature is reached within 1-2 minutes after connecting the kit to power supply, and is independent of wire “2” position as well as of existence (or not) the bulb
Is it normal?

It is normal that these resistors get quite hot.

han it s very hot?
if me put a fan above the transistor
is it possible to put another transistor then tip162
thank you for this topic

Sorry, we have tested any other transistors.
We do not recommend a fan.
A bigger heatsink would be a better idea.