K2543 on Honda motor bike 6V without battery


I have a Honda 125xl ( 1977 ) and i want to mount a K2543 kit for ignition.

I don’t have a battery for ignition ( the battery is a small one just for light, horn and turn signals ). What i have to do to to use it directly with the wire from stator. ( maybe it wotks with AC ? )

if i need a diode bridge with condo could you give Velleman ref. ( att: 6V )

If you want i can give you the electrical drawing.

vous pouvez répondre en français.

Thank in advance


Sorry, You can’t use this ignition kit.

Because we need absolutly a battery?

Maybe it’s possible to send all current to baterry ( 2 wires from stator (1 ignition, 1 light )) and oversized it ( more amps ). but what i need ( i have trouble with ignition so… ) diod or …